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GlossyBox UK October 2012
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Hi!! I am in London right now. Just only arrived yesterday evening and was told that Oct’s box of GlossyBox has arrived in the morning! Yays!

Finally able to lay my fingers on them (boxes from August & Sept too)!

October’s box supports Breast Cancer Care!

Not too bad, three full-size items! :)

The box contains a total of 5 items. Let’s run through it:

1. Anatomicals- Don’t Just Clean It Woman, Scrub It: body scrub

A pink grapefruit body scrub!

2. Yves Rocher France- Instant Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser: Hydra Vegetal

Deep and lasting moisture that immediately smoothens wrinkles. Enriched with Hyaluric Acid.

3. Skinetica- Anti-blemish

Solution for clearing skin blemishes with results in 2-3 days. Kind to skin with no side effects too? Really?

4. Green People- Organic Self Tan

Healthy and natural-looking tan without harmful sun exposure. Quick-drying, non-greasy and no biscuit smell!? lol!

5. Sally Hansen- Complete Salon Manicure

Five steps of manicure in one single bottle. Base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour and top coat!

My favourite of all items in this box!


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Vanity Trove October 2012
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Vanity Trove October 2012 edition surprisingly arrived so early, which was yesterday.. on the 4th October!


This is how the box looks like before and after it was opened.

The theme for October is BIG & BOLD- ‘Be a Beauty Royalty’.

The first few things that caught my eyes were these two white tubes by VMV Hypoallergenics Hydrabalance range.

Recently I have been getting many pimples popping up on my forehead and I was so excited upon seeing:

1. Hydra Balance Gentle Cream Cleanser 30ml

2. Hydra Balance Smart Moisturizer 30ml

I read the details at the back of the tubes and they say ‘helps control acne’ and ‘manage acne breakouts’. Haven’t tried them out yet though!

Funny thing was, the box also came with a small sample-sized Loreal’s White Perfect Anti-Spot Brightening Essence 5ml.. because I have gotten the same sample from somewhere few months ago.


Next, something PINK:

3. Audrey Christian’s Push Up Cream 150ml

Push Up cream meant for your breast, neck and tummy- against stretch marks and celulite. I read the brochure, funny how they printed the testimonials from users who are aged 51, 44 and 33 years old!! Hmmm maybe I should consider giving this away to the grumpy old stewardesses at work! I think they need this to be happy again! :P

4. Bamboo SAP Patch

Something new for me. It says here to have the patch on on the sole of our feet for 4-8 hours while we are sleeping and we will feel relieved the next day.

Definitely gonna try it out tonight since it is meant for people who are like me: under a lot of stress, suffer from lack of sleep or insomnia, feel fatigue easily and walk/stand on their feet for long hours! This is SO FOR ME!


5. Temporary Lip Tattoos by Violent Lips

For party people, “Your lips say everything’ is their tagline. According to their how-to-use card, it lasts up to 4-8 hours. I wonder if it’s safe and edible?


6. Queen Attitude Kohl Kajal by Bourjois Paris

Ohhh I love Kajal!! Definitely works wonder for a night’s out.. or getting ready to go to work for me!

I haven’t tried this out yet because my next work trip would be in another 2 days but I tried other brand’s kajal before and I loved it! It was easy to apply and the ’blackness’ really stood out! I hope Bourjois’ kajal doesn’t smudge like the one I had before though!


Last but not least:

7. DHC Japan’s samples including Deep Cleansing Oil, Mild Soap, Mild Lotion & Olive Virgin Oil.

Sorry for the blurry photo because I took it using my cameraphone because I couldn’t wait to test it out last night! LOL!

I loveeee the deep cleansing oil and am planning on getting one after the current cleasing oil that I am using has run out later. The Mild Soap was very good too, but too bad it is not travel-friendly so I can’t bring it for my work trips.

I mentioned earlier that I am recently getting alot of pimples, so I used their Olive Virgin Oil on my spots. It says to use one drop of oil onto its head and will help draw out the contaminated oil and prevent it from worsening.

Basically, I love all the products in this Big & Bold Vanity Trove’s Oct 2012 edition. :)


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D&G Light Blue Limited Edition Review!
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I recently uploaded this very photo of mine on Facebook and even made it my profile picture. The response was so positive! Many friends commented that I looked gorgeous and full of confidence! :)

Thanks peeps!

Little did they know….. my secret was, the limited edition perfume that I sprayed on on that day! Totally boost up my level of confidence!

I took the liberty to grab my brother’s Canon Powershot G1 camera and played a little with it. Snapping photos of the perfumes like a pro! LOL!

The story was like this.. I just got back from a flight, placed down my luggage and greeted my family members who were watching the TV in the living room, when suddenly my mom told me that I have a parcel!

The first thing that got into my mind was… ‘Eh? I didn’t buy anything online recently??’

When she handed me over the parcel, I immediately recognised the huge envelope cover! Yippieee! It felt like Christmas lolol!! I knew immediately that I have just gotten myself some samples for reviews.

My heart jumped even faster upon unfolding what’s inside the parcel!! <3

Goddamnnittt I can’t believe they just sent me my favourite D&G Light Blue perfumes!! I am pretty sure I shrieked a little in happiness!! LOLOL!

I’ve always wanted to get the latest Light Blue by D&G!!!!

What’s more?! It’s frigging LIMITED EDITION!!! Damn it must be my lucky day!!

So I tested the perfumes then and there in the living room in front of my family. And my father dropped thousands of hints that he wanted the Light Blue ‘Living Stromboli’. LOL!!

Such hot items! Everyone wants one!!

This is Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue ‘Living Stromboli’.

To me, it smells more of a masculine-like. It’s not stated whether it’s for him or for her though. One fine day, I tried putting it on myself..but I found it too strong for a lady like me.

I loved the bottle though! I love how it’s so simple and nice. Looks totally peaceful and relaxing. I love how it is see through~ so cool!

Litchi, Ambrette Seeds, Iris, Osmanthus, Amber, Patchouli.
Powerful. Adventurous. Pure.

This is Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue ‘Dreaming in Portofino’.

Ohhhh I totally am IN LOVE with this one!! The moment I sprayed it on, I can’t help but closed my eyes for a moment and just inhale deeply..I fell in love! My perfect perfume!

She smells of love and freshness, so lady-like and full of floral taste. The smell of her makes me happy and she’s a great way to start off my day! <3

Citrus Accord, Pink Pepper, Crisp Aquatic, Geranium, Amber, Patchouli.
Sensual. Adventurous. Fresh.

Can’t help camwhoring with my new favourite perfume! <3 Teheheh~

Downloaded a new app on my ipad and I can’t stop playing with the deco and stickers! Mwwahhh Light Blue!

This is before…

And this is AFTER! Hahahha!!

Go and grab your bottle of Light Blue now! ;)

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Cheap Shopping in Manila, Philippine!
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I spent my 2012’s Hari Raya in Manila, Philippine! :) What about you?

It was a good trip. Everyone in my set of crew was so sporting. All of us had some free shashimi at the hotel’s buffet dinner before going out to the nearby night market for some shopping.

FEAST YOUR EYES!!! Colourful shoes ahead!!!

Everyone… or at least all the crew who has been to Manila, won’t fail to bring back some cheap and colourful shoes from the night market.

Priced at 100 pesos each (approximately RM7.00), NO JOKE! So damn cheap!

I managed to bring back FOUR pairs LOL!

I can even mix and match it now :P

Oh these beautiful and cheap hairbands are for my nieces. Priced at 30 pesos each, I bought it without even thinking twice!! Except I had a tough time choosing because they had SOOOOOO many colours and designs!

These are one of the many many shirts that were being sold at the might market. I chose these four and paid only 200 pesos (RM14.00)! Wtf so cheap right?!

Saw some kiddo’s umbrellas and remembered how one of my nieces back in Seremban cried because the other niece had a cute mini umbrella but she didn’t get one. LOL! So I chose a Hello Kitty umbrella for her.

They had many designs.. Barbie, Winnie the Pooh, Minnie Mouse…and even Ben 10!

I forgot how much I paid for these two umbrellas… either 150 or 200 pesos.

The umbrellas even come with a whistle too! For self defence  in case of emergency.. just blow the whistle for attention or help lol!

And last but not least, something cute for myself LOLOL!!

Hello Kitty cream filled biscuits!! <3 OMG I am so in love with these!!! Got them from the 7-11 in Manila!

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Hello Kitty Macaroni!
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I recently picked up some cooking habits.. especially during my off days and when I am too lazy to get out of the house.

On lazy days like yesterday, I took out that packet of Hello Kitty macaroni that I bought not too long ago and simply boiled it! Cute edible stuff like this makes cooking SO FUN! Suddenly I feel like I am in love with cooking! LOLLLL!!!

I boiled it for about 7 mins because I don’t like it too soft (even though the packaging says 9 mins). After that, I cooked some bolognese sauce from some instant mix packet… added in some sliced cheese sausages, my favourite onions and some minced meat!

Then I thought… I’ll just fry some chicken nuggets too! LOL! <3

So awesome to have nuggets in heart shapes!

Took me almost an hour to get everything done!! YUMMY!!!


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Wow! It has been a while!!
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Just over a week ago, I was on standby at home.. when I received a phone call from my office to operate a flight to the Maldives.

As usual, I got ready.. put on a nice make up and a red lipstick (I recently fell in love with red hot lipstick again!) before donning my uniform… and off I went to work!

Everything was going as expected, customers were being really nice as most of them were on their way for a great holiday/honeymoon. During our break in the flight, I sat down with the rest of the colleagues to chit chat (normal lah! I can reallyyyy talk!).. when suddenly a slightly more junior steward asked “You have a blog right?”.

=____=” sweat! I swear my reaction was really like that! With my eyes formed into 2 thin flat lines! LOL!

He wasn’t the first to ask me that question. I tried so hard to cover up and be anonymous in the work place.. but somehow, somewhere.. people still recognize me from my photos… I feel so paiseh!! >.< It just feels so weird when someone you barely knew for more than a few hours..know so much of your past because he/she has read your blog before! Hahahah~ blame me for being a Scorpio~!

He was one of the few who have asked me that question.. and then told me how he/she found my tips for the job interview very useful~ Wahliao~ I can’t even begin to tell you how proud and happy I was when I was praised in that way! HAHAHA~ Most of them told me that they were just simply googling for tips and my blog came out! And they read every single bit of the tips and it helped them to get in! And some even said that they were looking forward to the day to bump into me at work and the day really came!


And because of that, I am inspired to blog again! HAHAHAHA~ oh, and also because the steward was encouraging me too!!! Lalalalalaa~ you know who you are! :P

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Make Up Tips for Christmas 2011!
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Hi darlings! Jolly season is around the corner! :)

Have you given a thought on the make up and nails yet?!

Ever wondered what’s the HOT colour for Christmas this year?

Well, fret no more! In this post, I am going to give everyone a simple make up guide and nail colour tips for 2011 Christmas DATE :D

For the make up guide, I am gonna be using the Anna Sui Christmas 2011 Collection on their Metallic Color Eye Shadow 199, 500 and 900.

And as for the nail colour, I am gonna be using Nail Colour N from Anna Sui Autumn II Collection.

Let’s begin!!

My simple tutorial this time will take place in a beautiful and romantic restaurant .. during a lunch date..

To make it easier, just imagine it’s a Christmas Date *winks*

Firstly, I would like to share that the HOT colour for Christmas this year 2011 would be….      MAROON!

So go ahead and put on a layer of base coat on your nails, darlings.. followed by Brick Red colour #402 by Anna Sui.

Later on, I would recommend a layer of glitters.. and maybe some shimmers on the nails to make them *sparkle*…

What I did was applying the below colours on top of the Brick Red alternatively on the fingers:

1. Splash Gold #005

2. Sparking Blue #107

3. Silky White #013

And don’t forget to finish it off with a layer of top coat! ^_^

Aren’t they ADORABLE?!

Gosh! Are they actually nail varnishes?! Wearing such pretty and cute vintage gowns?! Sometimes they make me wonder… where do they get all these crazily creative ideas from?! Even my date of the day commented on these adorable bottles..

And not forgetting my favourite thing about them: the tea rose scent of the nail varnishes! Thank to Anna Sui, gone are the days where nail varnishes stinking the whole room!! :)

NEXT– on how to achieve eyes like the above pic!

Simple.. and yet alluring! Instantly brighten your eyes, making them appearing bigger too~

After your foundation and concealer etc, begin by dabbing the Anna Sui’s Metallic GOLD Colour Eye Shadow #500 on the entire eye lid. This would give your eyes the sparkling effect!

Then, draw a thin line of liquid black eyeliner on the upper lash line.

Next is when the Metallic Blue #100 comes in the picture.

Put it on the lower part of the eyelid, slightly just above the black eyeliner.

Next would be the mascara… or I personally prefer the fake eyelashes! ^__^

It’s my personal style to keep my eye colours and eyeliners to the minimum.. and depending on the fake eyelashes to bring out the eyes! Like the Japanese dolly doll effect! Tehehehe~ and don’t forget the blusher and lip gloss, darlings! <3

ONE tip to my dear readers.. always put on a line of WHITE shimmers on the inner corners of the eyes. This is to give your eyes the instant glow and watery-eye effect!  You should really try it and see the difference!!

The end-result! :) Hope you like it simple and nice, darlings!

My Anna Sui Christmas 2011 & Autumn II 2011 Collection!

Each adorable nail colour is priced at RM54 (32 shades in total) and

Each Metallic Eye Shadow is priced at RM102 (6 shades in total).

Don’t forget– the HOT colour for this year is MAROON.. and lotsss & lotsss of shimmers and glitters …. just like YOU! :)

Hope you like my tutorial for this Xmas! ^__^

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Don’t ya love pampering yourself?!
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I recently came upon this quote photo on my friend’s fb page.

“Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness.”

I find it really inspiring and loved it instantly! :) I think life is too short to be miserable and upset over something small. Let’s move on and be happy all the time! This is what we call life, people!! :D

I bought this Hand Oil from Body Shop yesterday. I was initially looking for a good cuticle oil for my restless poor nails because I ALWAYS have my nails polish on 24/7. So I thought I’ll give my nails some supplements… other than the strengthener. Ended up got persuaded by the consultant at Body Shop and fallen into buying this ‘Hand Oil for EXTRA DRY SKIN’ instead.

At first I find it really greasy, but later on I realised it got absorbed really quickly too! I would recommend this to my dear air crew friends who has got dry skin due to the nature of our job scopes and also for flying in the air for such long hours all the time! And not forgotten for anyone who has got OCD and has the needs to wash their hands all the time.. just like me!! >.<”

I just cant stand the idea of knowing my hands are exposed to the bacteria and gems! I need to know that my hands are clean all the time.. so whenever after touching something, I would wash my hands with soap! >.< And that will for sure gives me very dry skin. I’ve even tried hand sanitizer before but that was worse!

Speaking of pampering myself…

I went to do some shopping with my Mom today. Treated her to a good dinner on a great Sunday evening before continuing our shopping and walked past Crabtree & Evelyn’s. Decided to go in for a look and …. only just remembered that I’ve got a set of Pomegranate’s Bath & Shower gel + Body Scrub for my birthday last month! LOL!

I’ve neglected that birthday gift for so long now and have never used it at all. In fact, I’ve never even bothered to have a sniff  or unwrap the box! I finally had a sniff at them in the shop and… WOWW! I loved the smell like… puppy love! lols wtf! Was even tempted to get their hand therapy tube too!

The first thing I did when I got home was to unwrap that gift and take a longgg hot shower!! LOL!! I can’t tell you how contended I feel right now.. and how good I smell right now! XD I just feel so happy~ lalalaaa~



Don’t you agree with me?



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Busy flying life!
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I have been meaning to write and blog..like seriously!! I wanted to write here every other day.. but my busy working life has been stopping me from doing it so far.. I’ll try harder from now on.

Flying life is full of surprises! It’s so amazing that it makes me think that life is so small.. the world is so small! We gotta live life to the fullest! I am off to my work now darlings, hope to write again soon!

The long forgotten Wen Pink


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Caib Crew’s Worst Experiences
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I recently read an article by news.com.au and it’s about cabin crew’s real stories.. I STRONGLY agree on them!! And I think EVERYONE should have a look at the article and put it in your mind whenever you are traveling!


IF you’ve left the door open while peeing, if you listen to music while they try to talk to you or if you’ve tried to grab a seat in the crew rest area; then flight attendants hate you.

Flight attendants from around the world have broken their silence to reveal the things that passengers do that really gets under their skin.

While Kevin Rudd’s alleged angry outburst at a flight attendant and Naomi Campbell’s infamous cabin catfight have hit the headlines, it’s these everyday annoyances that really get their goat.

YOUR SAY: Tell us about your worst experiences with crazy cabin crew below.

You leave the door wide open when you pee.

“One of the most annoying things passengers do is not closing the lavatory door,” celebrity flight attendant David Holmes from Southwest Airlines said.

You double order your drinks.

“Asking one flight attendant for a drink and before they get back with it, asking another flight attendant for the same drink, is bad news,” Bethany Burke, a flight attendant from Florida, US, said.

You tap flight attendants on the shoulder to get their attention.

“Passengers tap me to get my attention but then don’t give me eye contact when talking to me,” Mr Holmes said.

“Passengers wouldn’t take off their headsets when I asked them if they wanted food or drink,” ex-hostie Susan, who worked for Qantas for over 20 years, said.

“When I ask passengers if they’d like something to drink, three times out of five the response will be ‘Wha?’ And that’s a ‘wha’ without the ‘T’,” Heather Poole, flight attendant for a major US carrier, said.

“‘Something to drink?’ I’ll ask again, and while I ask this question I find myself wondering why you haven’t taken off the iPod or those giant Bose noise cancellation headsets covering your ears when you see me standing at your row.”

You stuff your bag to breaking point and then ask for help to stow it away.

“The worst is when people bring a heavy bag onboard, then tell me that they can’t lift it overhead because of a bad back,” Mrs Burke said.

“Lifting your bag into the overhead bin is not, nor has it ever been, part of my job description. Honestly, I don’t know what bothers me more, the fact that a passenger will come on-board and expect me to lift their bag, or the fact that they actually get upset when I won’t lift the bag,” Mrs Poole said.

You complain about the overhead bin being full and make a fuss about having to put your bag in the rows behind.

“Passengers who get annoyed about the overhead bins near their seats being full, and then say the word “ridiculous”, are so annoying,” Mrs Poole said.

You order a special meal and then change your mind at the last minute.

“I hate it when passengers order a vegetarian, kosher or fruit special meal and then want a regular meal instead,” Mrs Burke said.

You’re messy and inconsiderate.

“There’d be so many people who’d just throw things on the floor right in the middle of the cabin, such as newspapers they’ve finished with or rubbish,” Susan said.

“Surprisingly, it’s no different in first class, they’re just as messy as the other passengers.”

You read up about getting free upgrades and pull all the tricks to try and get your way.

“Another annoying thing is the tricks people used to play to get upgraded,” Susan said.

“You could see the pattern for a lot of people, but if they win it’s just rewarding them for bad behaviour.”

You expect to be told the moment you change time zones.

“Passengers often want to know exactly when they should change their watch when crossing time zones,” Mrs Burke said.

You try and take over the crew rest area.

“Trying to sit in our crew rest seats, which are sacred to us, is a very bad idea,” Mrs Burke warns.

You enter the galley(pantry area) without permission and loiter.

“Unless you’ve actually been invited into the galley (it does happen), you do not  step onto the floor for any length of time,” Mrs Poole said.

You spill water on the toilet floor and leave without cleaning it up.

“People would leave water on the floor after using the toilet, forgetting about all the other passengers who may slip and fall,” Susan said.

You have unrealistic expectations of your air travel experience.

“I saw a first-class passenger chuck a hissy fit as we didn’t have the right flavour of yogurt onboard. A bit unrealistic,” Susan said.

-the end-

click here for the real article.



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